Case Studies

Manchester Police's helicopter in the air were the first to use AGI's portable lighting

COREL for emergency helipads

Manchester Police was the first police force in the UK to purchase the redesigned COREL and freestanding battery charger

AGI OREL - Military Case Studies


Since the first MOSKITs were supplied to the UK Royal Air Force in 1990 the lighting system has been deployed on all RAF overseas deployments.

US Air Force in flight, as they use Aeronautical & General Instruments (AGI) Ltd lights to support their airfields

SALKIT and MOSKIT for the US

After witnessing the potential of MOSKIT first hand during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, the US Marine Corps tested the system in 1992 before carrying out further testing under the Foreign Comparative Testing programme

OREL - Afghanistan

Metalite’s portable lighting for the US

During 2002/3 the US Air Force purchased a number of systems from Metalite to support Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

MOSKIT Helicopter Load - Military Case Studies

MOSKIT during Sierra Leone crisis

The UK Royal Air Force Tactical Communications Wing (TCW) has used MOSKIT during the evacuation of UK, EU and other Nationals during the Sierra Leone crisis in 2001, when the UK military went to the aid of the United Nations.

MOSKIT trials

MOSKIT demonstrations

Metalite has undertaken many MOSKIT demonstrations worldwide for military end users who have a requirement for portable airfield lighting

CALKIT being used as an emergency runway

CALKIT™ for emergency services

The single main runway at Campbeltown Airport Scotland is often seriously affected by cross winds making landing hazardous.

CALKIT being used by oil and gas companies

Metalite’s CALKIT™ for oil and gas companies

Metalite has supplied CALKIT™ systems to oil and gas exploration and extraction companies around the world including Shell, BP, LASMO, PDO, Arco, Elf and Plus Petrol

Airplane on a runway ready to use the Aeronautical & General Instruments (AGI) Ltd CALKIT on the airfield

CALKIT™ with the UN

Metalite has recently supplied a significant number of CALKIT™ portable runway lighting systems and portable PAPI systems to various arms of the United Nations

PAPIs Antarctic

Metalite PAPIs

Metalite’s portable PAPIs used to land a C-130 in the Antarctic

CALKIT being used as an emergency runway

Metalite’s CALKIT™ in the UK

Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd operates 10 airports in the North and West of Scotland

Picture of a runway in Zimbabwe with the Aeronautical & General Instruments (AGI) Ltd CALKIT on it

CALKIT™ in use with airport in Zimbabwe

In 2001 Metalite supplied a CALKIT™ system with additional portable PAPIs and portable approach lights to the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe