CALKIT™ with the UN

Airplane on a runway ready to use the Aeronautical & General Instruments (AGI) Ltd CALKIT on the airfield

Metalite has recently supplied a significant number of CALKIT™ portable runway lighting systems and portable PAPI systems to various arms of the United Nations – including ten for the World Food Programme. A further five of the systems were purchased by The United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC). Due to the size of the DRC most logistical support is carried out by air and MONUC operates 5 UN airfields throughout the country. Remote airfields, like Bunia near the border with Uganda, have no permanent runway lighting systems and safe airfield operations were confined to the hours of daylight before the introduction of the CALKIT™s and portable PAPIs.Two CALKIT™ runway lighting systems and portable PAPI systems have been purchased for emergency deployment from the UN Logistical Air Base in Brindisi, Italy.The 66 COREL portable runway lights contained within the CALKIT™ trailer form a 2800m runway in Visual Flight Rule conditions or a 1680m runway in Instrument Flight Rule conditions.