Naval Aviation Lighting overview

AGI’s Helicopter Visual Approach System – or ‘HELIVAS’ as it is known commercially – combines a large number of visual cueing and flight deck lighting systems to provide Naval Helicopter Pilots with the latest in Visual Landing Aids.

The ability to safely operate and recover aircraft at sea, in all weather conditions, during both day and night time operations is essential in today’s modern Navy. A fundamental element of this requirement is its guidance along the correct approach path to the vessel and the transfer of the aircraft safely on to the ship’s flight deck.

AGI’s HELIVAS Visual Approach System may be used for any class of ship from a small frigate to an Aircraft Carrier. All systems are NVG compliant, in accordance with STANAG 1445 and will support naval operations with and without Night Vision Devices.

Reducing pilot workload to a minimum, HELIVAS is considered one of the most technically advanced suites of visual landing aids available today.