Meteorological overview

Our Solid-State Meteorological Systems (AGIMET & MORIAH) uses the latest proven solid-state meteorological sensor technology specially designed for the marine environment to provide accurate measurement of wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, humidity and other local environmental parameters.

All of AGI’s Marine products are specifically designed to operate in the harsh marine environment and are solid state with no moving parts so are highly reliable and require little or no maintenance. The AGIMET, our meteorological system is in use with about 240 system worldwide.

AGI’s meteorological product range consists of solid-state meteorological systems including EMC protected Ultrasonic Anemometers, combined Temperature & Humidty Sensors, Barometric Air Pressure Sensors and Sea Water Temperature Sensors. AGI further offers a commercial equivalent to the military Meteorological System called Nav-IS providing a cost effective solution for commercial requirements.

The systems incorporate features to enhance wind measurement accuracy to aid safe flight operations and effectiveness of the weapons and decoy systems. Features such as automatic windward sensor selection and 360 degree wind correction ensure we provide the most accurate wind measurement systems on the market. The MORIAH Wind System was developed to replace the Type F Windbird Sensors, Data Distribution equipment and Displays on all classes of US naval ships, enabling accurate wind information to be displayed in the same format throughout the fleet.

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