Naval Navigation overview

By offering high-quality and reliable products which have been designed specifically with harsh environments in mind, AGI believe that we can add value to a project or program and offer exceptional service and peace of mind for the end user.

AGI’s international reputation stems from over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of shipborne navigation systems, with our AGILOG speed log system used by over 40 navies worldwide. Covering all classes of vessels – from nuclear and conventional submarines, aircraft carriers and frigates, to fast patrol boats, mine-hunters and fleet support ships.

Our range of navigation equipment includes Electromagnetic (EM) Speed Log Systems and Display solutions to collect, process and prioritise critical navigation data for distribution on-board naval ships and a range of naval and maritime display solutions. Digitalised SHOL functionality (SHOLDS) and the Landing Period Designator are part of our Display solutions. AGI further offers a commercial equivalent to the military EM Log System called Nav-IS providing a cost effective solution for commercial requirements.

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