Technical Support Centre Spotlight – QPI

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QPI’s key business is to market, sell, and distribute exclusive products, which are manufactured by quality international companies, to Government and Commercial Customers throughout the USA. In accumulation QPI provides all of the lifetime support facilities needed to sustain high dependability and maintainability. Post-award services include program management, engineering and technical support, installation and checkout support on site, factory training, spare parts logistics support, technical documentation, and depot-level maintenance repair.

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What services do you provide for our customers generally?

We provide AGI equipment to our customers along with technical support and depot level repairs on the AGI equipment.

How have you adapted during COVID-19, have there been any major changes to what support you can provide at the moment?

We have adapted in that we are recommended by law to keep our groups to less than 10 people.  While we have 13 employees at QPI, Imore than half of them telecommute from home.  The production staff are sanitizing regularly and we disinfect all incoming packages and let them sit for 24 hours before processing.  To date, no one at QPI has been infected or has come in contact with anyone who has to our knowledge.

How do you work with AGI to ensure the customers get the best service?

We contact AGI immediately on any issues we have that require their attention.  We also have weekly and biweekly calls with several of the AGI staff for updates and we provide reports of all fault analysis we have of the AGI equipment in for repair.