Technical Support Centre Spotlight – Owen International

Owen International technical support agent carrying out work

Owen International is an Australian owned company, supplying systems and equipment in Australia and New Zealand. The company delivers a range of military and commercial products, offering world leading and proven capabilities for defence, government and industry.

Owen International provides systems to the needs of ASDEFCON and compound technical regulatory requirements, project management services, training, Australian Industry Capability (AIC), technology transfer and regional through life care services for the equipment obtainable. Owen holds a number of longstanding maintenance and support contracts with customers and has an established test, calibration, repair and maintenance facility within their Sydney based facility.

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What services do you provide for our customers generally?

Owen International is an Australian Defence SME, that provides sales and marketing, project management and technical support services for AGI Naval Lighting, Meteorological and Navigation equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

Despite system design and manufacturing elements of any new build or upgrade project being conducted at AGI in the UK, the ADF and NZDF mandate a high level of local industry involvement. Owen International help fulfil this requirement in the commissioning and in service support phases of any project. Recently, an improved technical support facility has been commissioned at Owen International’s Sydney based facility near to the Royal Australian Navy’s Garden island Naval Base. This facility has been specifically designed to supporting future projects and provide customers a greater level of support for products in the region.

How have you adapted during COVID-19, have there been any major changes to what support you can provide at the moment?

We have implemented Australian Government Department of Health steps for social distancing and reducing travel. Over time we expect the economic impact of COVID-19 will be felt within our industry, but at the moment most of our projects are continuing on as planned. There has been little change to the services that Owen International provide customers, other than a general slowing in delivery lead times and a significant increase in international freight costs.

How do you work with AGI to ensure the customers get the best service?

Owen International remains in close contact with key stakeholders, to ensure customer requirements are understood. This allows us to work in partnership with principal suppliers like AGI and ensure capability requirements, along with customer expectations are met.