Intern Diaries – Q&A With Our First Interns

AGI Intern Diaries

We have virtually caught up with our first Interns at AGI. Here’s what they’ve been up to…

What is your background?

Niamh: I’m currently in my third year at Bournemouth University, on my placement year. I study BSc (Hons) Marketing. I chose to incorporate a sandwich year with my University degree, to gain the industry experience and add depth to my studies. I grew up in Wiltshire and chose to go to Bournemouth University to start my extra studies.

Ben: I’m a local boy, who’s grown up in Ringwood. Having done Maths, Physics and Product Design for A levels, this was all merged into one when I decided to go to Bournemouth University to do Mechanical Engineering. I get the best of both worlds: I get to stick around this wonderful part of England whilst doing a degree in something that I love.


How does your internship work?

Niamh: In my second year I started applying for various intern positions. I applied to many in Wiltshire, London and Bournemouth and many different types of internships as experience for me was what I was looking for. I didn’t know exactly what route to go down, be it Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising or Events Management. I found the Marketing & Communications Internship at AGI and knew it was a great opportunity.  At Bournemouth University, to pass placement year, you need to have a minimum nine month placement with coursework completed while having placement support meetings from the Uni.

Ben: My degree is a sandwich degree in Mechanical Engineering with an integrated Masters. It’s a five year course, two of which I have already done so now in my third. Currently I am on placement working for AGI as a Mechanical Design Intern. I’ve gained super valuable experience of which I’ll take into the rest of my degree and future in engineering. After this year, I’ll head back to University for my Bachelor’s Degree (BEng) and then Master’s Degree (MEng). In both years I will be carrying out projects which shall be displayed at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Design & Engineering.


What is it about AGI that interests you?

Niamh: As a Marketing student, I wanted a challenge. AGI is a completely new industry for me and was something that I had little prior knowledge about. But, AGI knew that and still supported my marketing ability and hired me to work in the Marketing & Communications team. Working in the defence engineering sector has been a complete learning experience for me.

Ben: I love the problem-solving factor of engineering, something that gets my brain working. As I mentioned earlier, being able to combine Maths, Physics and Product Design to create solutions for real world/real life issues is great! Seeing how a product develops from a concept in someone’s mind to seeing it in use is really rewarding.


How have you found AGI?

Niamh: It’s been a great learning experience for me. I’ve been privileged enough to be a part of many exciting projects and playing a key part in the success of the DSEI Exhibition in 2019 was a big highlight. Everyone at AGI is easy to work with and as a placement student I settled in quickly.

Ben: AGI is super supportive! As soon as I joined, I was treated like one of their own, despite the fact I am still an undergrad. I’ve been welcomed to engineering team meetings, which is a great insight into the workings of an engineering company. I’ve been involved in product design and development where I have been using the 3D printer to aid prototyping and problem-solving. I’ve also been able to use the printer to help during COVID-19 to manufacture full faceshields so we can donate PPE to local care homes and NHS settings. To date, we’ve made 350 visors!


Hobbies & Interests?

Niamh: I’ve always been into my music, photography and art. I’ve always loved being creative and being able to express myself in my spare time. This is one reason why I love marketing, merging the business world and creativity to build a strong brand relationship with consumers.

Ben: I love playing my guitar! I love all the things that come with playing it too, from making my own pedals/pedal-board to playing in a band most Sundays. I’ve had the honour of being asked to play at several Youth/Student conferences around the UK too. It’s definitely something that I get way too carried away with!


How are you coping with home working during the current COVID-19 situation?

Niamh: I’ve been very lucky in this situation still being able to work full time. As a student, I’ve enjoyed being able to travel home rather than be in Bournemouth by myself. However, the hardest part is not being able to socialise with everyone in the office and how much easier it was to complete projects including various people. My role hasn’t been majorly impacted, I stay in contact with my manager daily and video calls are a weekly thing to keep us all on the same track. As well as my placement year, this is just another experience we have to go through and adapt to, in this situation and has been another learning experience.

Ben: It’s going well for the most part. I’ve got my own desk that I can work from and I’m getting more used to my own company. However I do still miss being able to socialise and see people other than my family. Definitely getting more used to it, to the point where I do quite enjoy it. Plus I don’t have to travel so there’s more time to spare! I hope everyone else is doing okay with the whole situation, my thoughts go to those who are really struggling