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Military 16 Way Battery Charger – Halogen or LED

Battery Charger - LED - Military


Metalite’s portable battery charger incorporates a drop in charging system, which is simple to use and allows fast loading and unloading of the light units before and after charging.


Up to 16 CORELs, UALs or REILs (Halogen or LED) can be charged simultaneously with 95% charge capacity being achieved within 8 hours. The charging cycle is microprocessor controlled to achieve minimum charging time with maximum battery life, self-test and diagnostic features alert users to under voltage and short circuit outputs.


  • 16 Way Simple Drop-In Charging System
  • COREL LED or Halogen Charging (Integrated Charging Port for RCU (Radio Control Unit)
  • Fast Recharge in Approximately 8 Hours
  • 110V or 230V Universal Input
  • Ruggedised Compact Design

Product Specification

Dimensions (Approximate overall)  
Height 223mm
Width (‘trays’ raised) 619mm
Depth 487mm
Weight: 15.5kg
Indications: Red-mains ‘ON’ lamp
Total number of charging outlets: 16 Maximum + 1 RCU (Radio Control Unit) Charging Port
Voltage (Input): 90 – 240 Vac
Output on each charging outlet: 18Vdc nominal
Protection: Over-current protection on mains inlet


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