From the Field to the AGI Office

Leon at AGI for his 1 week of work experience

What is life like after you leave the Armed Forces? How do you progress with your career? Leon Twigg, Supply Chain Manager in the Army, has recently been with AGI on a work placement as part of his transition into office life. He gives his observations after job shadowing our Project Management team.      

Q: How has your work experience gone – what have you been doing?

A: This has been an excellent opportunity to find out how a PM operates in a BAU environment.  I have been visiting different desks, talking to Project Leads and Department Managers to ascertain how they all fit into the project lifecycle. AGI’s project management tools have been my guiding rail, comparing the reality of a Project Manager within AGI with what I was taught whilst I gained the APM Qualification over two years ago.   

Q: Any thoughts on the similarities or differences between field and office?

A: There are many similarities between what I do as a Supply Chain Manager in the Army and what I have experienced here at AGI.  In both lines of work it is about focusing on the needs of the customer to deliver a product or service whilst ensuring that the support is of an excellent standard.   

Q: What skills do you think are transferable to office life?

A: The Army have excellent Values and Standards, this is carried right through to the way I lead and manage in an office environment.  The experience I have gained as a leader in Logistics over the past 12 years, I feel would be invaluable to any employer.   

Q: What are the next steps for you career wise?

A: I plan to seek employment in Project or Supply Chain Management on leaving the Army next year. 

Q: Any advice for others on the same path as you?

A: I would certainly advise a visit to a company like AGI to gain an insight into what a PM does on a daily basis.  This has been a great experience for me, the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience within a professional organisation is hopefully part of my springboard to employment success.


AGI currently employs many ex Armed Forces staff in various roles and we are working with local and national organisations to advertise our employment opportunities – more information to come on this early 2020.