Apprentice Diaries – Q&A With Our Newest Apprentices

Our newest apprentices working with an AGI cabinet.

We have been catching up with our newest Apprentices, Jake and Kundi, to see how they are finding life between AGI and College so far.


What is your background?

Jake: After a year at sixth form and not enjoying it, I knew I would learn better in a practical environment so I decided to get work experience at the RNLI’s engineering department. This further ignited my passion for engineering and I was very keen to look for an apprenticeship in engineering.

Kundi: I was born in Zimbabwe but left at 8 months because my dad got an opportunity for a new job in the UK. My father is a Civil and Structural Engineer and that is how I took an interest in the world of engineering.


How does your apprenticeship work?

Jake: My apprenticeship is a 4 year course of Electro-Mechanical Engineering from Bournemouth & Poole College. During the first year, I go into AGI during holidays. In the second and third year, I will spend 4 days a week at AGI and one day at college. My apprenticeship involves job rotation where I will spend time in different engineering departments, so I learn about all the areas in the company. To develop my studies, I wish to have an Engineering degree, sponsored by AGI.

Kundi: I am on the same Apprenticeship as Jake therefore currently at Bournemouth & Poole College as a fulltime student for the first year, just to get a taster on the theoretical aspect of engineering than just the practical side, incorporating my studies and industry experience.


What is it about engineering that interests you?

Jake: I really love the idea of designing and creating products that make the world a better place. I love to be innovative and express my creativity, so this really attracts me towards engineering.

Kundi: When I was younger, my dad used to take me to his jobs where it involved doing calculations high up in the business. From then on, I always wondered what it takes to be at the top of the industry. I aspire to work in Automation or Aerospace engineering in the future.


How have you found AGI?

Jake: AGI is a great company to work for. When I first joined, everyone was very welcoming and supportive of me gaining knowledge in the areas of engineering that were new to me.

Kundi: Since working at the company, every person has been so kind and welcoming. Everyone at AGI is always helpful whenever Jake and I are there. We have settled in well and I always look forward to half terms as it means we go to work and learn more.


 Hobbies and Interests?

Jake: My passion is sport and fitness. I attend the gym on a daily basis and love weight training. Additionally, I am a huge football fan and often attend AFC Bournemouth football games with my friends.

Kundi: At a young age I started playing Basketball and currently play in the England National League. I have travelled to many countries for it such as France, Estonia, Czech Republic and the US. I am passionate for the game. I also love football and watching my team, Arsenal.


Jake and Kundi return to the AGI offices again in April – more news on how they are progressing then.