Using the new NVG capable PAPI LED units, the MOSKIT LED-AT now benefits from consolidating 4x NVG PAPIs and 2 TAC PAPIs on the original halogen MOSKIT down to just 2x PAPI LED Light units providing a quicker and easier deployment of a Minimum Operating Strip.
Drop in charging for OREL LED and REIL LED light units also lowers the deployment and recovery speeds of the new MOSKIT LED-AT system.

Removable mission loads allow the trailer chassis or container to carry options for additional lighting allowing expansion into a larger and/or semi-permanent airfield by using the SALKIT and CABKIT mission loads.


Key Features

New Trailer Chassis design allowing improved off road capability

Modular Design

MOSKIT LED-AT mission load may be separated from the trailer chassis for transportation by other means if required or exchanged for a different mission load kit

Drop in charging capability for rapid collection and recharging

Charging via mains, generator & renewable energy sources

Full stand alone power capability with on board generator, cable deployment and retrieval system