Returned Materials Authorisation Form


Please use this form to request a Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) number.

A Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) number must be issued to the customer by AGI prior to the return of items. The RMA number will enable AGI to effectively document, track, receive and process returning goods at the highest level of quality and customer service.

After you have filled in the appropriate information and click the submit button, an email will be sent to AGI. The request will be processed and an RMA will be sent to you.

  • If you are returning items from outside of the UK, we will also send you a commercial invoice with the RMA number.
  • Hardware can then be returned to AGI, including this fully completed document and the commercial invoice (if required).
  • A separate RMA form will need to be completed and returned for each different item (part number).
  • Please include a copy of your non-conformity report if available.

General Terms

1)      Before returning any product to AGI, you must first obtain a Returned Materials Authorisation (RMA) Number (and commercial invoice if applicable). Items returned to AGI without an RMA number may incur a delay in processing or may be rejected and returned to you at your own cost.

2)      An initial survey charge will be applied to all non-warranty returns.

3)      Any quotation issued after survey will include a value and lead time estimate.

Packing and Transport

1)      Any article received without an RMA number may be returned to the sender or disposed of at AGI discretion.

2)      Any special shipping or handling instructions must be provided prior to the issue of any quotation. In the absence of any other instruction AGI will price a repair based on an ex-works return basis.

3)      AGI will not accept any liability for loss or damage due to the inadequate packaging of returned articles. Your packaging may be used in any return or replaced at AGI discretion.

4)      All costs associated with the return of articles is to be borne by the sender. A traceable method of return is recommended.

5)      AGI will return any article prior to the expiration of a time frame imposed by UK import / export regulations, any costs and charges associated with that return will automatically be invoiced to the sender.

6)      Articles that are Electrostatic sensitive must be returned appropriately packaged, AGI may decline to accept or process articles that are not suitably packaged.

Warranty Returns and Exclusions

1)      Unless otherwise agreed the warranty period on any repair is 12 months from return shipment date.

2)      Any damage caused to items due to inadequate packaging may void a warranty claim. The costs associated with the re-packaging of these items will be for the account of the sender.

Thank you for helping us to maximise our efficiency!


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