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Combined Omnidirectional Runway Edge Light 


A versatile battery powered portable runway light that complies with international aviation standards and is suitable for a wide range of airport or airfield applications.


  • Battery powered
  • 16 hours light output at maximum intensity
  • Rechargeable in approximately 8 hours
  • Simple drop-in charging
  • Up to 50cds of omnidirectional light
  • Lenses available in the full range of aviation colours
  • Manual, photocell or radio control
  • Flashing or steady signal
  • LED charge level indication
  • Low voltage cut-off
  • Can withstand jet blast


  • ICAO Annex 14
  • CAA CAP 168
  • FAA AC150/5345-50
  • NATO STANAG 3534



Full brochure on our Combined Omnidirectional Runway Edge Light

COREL - Halogen - Datasheet




Product Specification

Dimensions (Approx)  
Height (excluding antenna) 270mm
Width 195mm
Length 198mm
Maximum gross weight: 7.2 Kg
Max. Light Intensity (clear lens): 50 cd nominal
Electrical Details  
Control Options Manual only or manual/radio control, or, automatic control via
light sensor
Lens Colour Options Clear and all standard aviation colours
Power Supply 2 x 12V Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Typical battery endurance
(Batteries as new, @ 20° C)
15 hrs after standard recharge
(Batteries as new, @ 20° C) (up to 16 hrs after an extended recharge)
Lamp 12V 10W Tungsten Halogen
Protection Reverse polarity, over current and Low Voltage Cut-off (‘LVC’ – to prevent over discharge of batteries)
Charge Regulator
(Built-in to COREL)
Input – 24V dc (Built-in to COREL) Output – 14V1 / 13V0, 2.3 Amp
Indications Dual function Tri-colour LED,showing either charge status or battery level


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