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  AGILOG Military Electromagnetic (EM) Speed Log System





Data Distribution


Monochrome Repeater

Tape Heading Repeater

Landing Period Designator
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  AGILOG 2 Speed & Distance Transmitter Unit (Bulkhead)
  AGI is pleased to introduce our second generation AGILOG Electromagnetic (EM) Speed Log System (AGILOG 2) following on from the unprecedented success of it's predecessor. Developed for use on surface warships and submarines, AGILOG sets the standard for accurate and reliable measurement of ship’s speed through the water, an essential element in navigation and weapons system integration.

The EM technology provides reliable and robust speed availability when compared to some alternative technologies. AGILOG 2 provides dual axis speed measurement, with multiple RS422 serial outputs and Ethernet interfacing built in.

AGILOG's international reputation stems from over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ship’s log systems for over 40 other navies worldwide. Covering all classes of vessels – from nuclear and conventional submarines, aircraft carriers and frigates, to fast patrol boats, mine-hunters and fleet support ships.

As well being certified to Mil-Std 461 & 810 for naval applications, the system complies with the requirements of IEC 61023 & IEC 60945, the internationally approved specifications for marine speed and distance measuring equipment and general marine navigational equipment.
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Marine Instrumentation
- Naval Defence and Commercial Maritime Ship Systems

AGILOG Military Electromagnetic (EM) Speed Log System
Nav-IS Combined EM Speed Log & Meteorological System
AGIMET Meteorological System
MORIAH Wind Measurement & Data Distribution System
Ship Helicopter Operational Limits Display System (SHOLDS)
Universal Data Distribution System
Multi-Function Colour Displays / Repeaters
Monochrome LCD Repeater
Tape Heading Repeater
Landing Period Designator (Quiescent flight deck motion period)

Naval Aviation
- Complete suite of ship-borne Visual Landing Aids

A complete suite of ship-borne approach lighting solutions for any class of ship from small patrol vessels to aircraft carriers including Advanced Stabilised Glide Slope Indicator (ASGSI), Stabilised Horizon Reference Bar (SHRB), fixed flight deck lighting, all other pilot visual cues, markers, beacons and deck maintenance flood lights.

Typical single flight deck system.
Aircraft carrier configuration.

Intrinsically Safe Meters
- Resistance & Continuity Testers

1681 Electrical Bond Tester
1681A Explosive & Detonator Tester
1681B Aircraft Bonding Tester

Barrel Care Solutions
- Incorporating measuring, visual inspection & cleaning

BG10 Gun Barrel Bore Gauge System
BG20 Gun Barrel Bore Gauge System
AGICAM Visual Camera Inspection System
Airnesco Bore Cleaning System

Tactical Approach Lighting System (TALS)
- Portable battery powered lighting system

TALS is a field deployable, one person portable, solid-state, remote controlled, battery powered LED and infra-red (IR) lighting system which is used to indicate landing points, drop zones, route marking and forward arming refuelling points. Each backpack includes sufficient lights for a Minimum Operating Strip (MOS) or NATO 'T' formations.


Airport Equipment
- Weather and Visibility Monitoring Systems

Airport Meteorological System
AGIMET Air Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS)
AGIVIS Instrumented Runway Visual Range (IRVR) System
AGI Ultrasonic Wind Sensor (UWS) Surface Wind System

Metalite Aviation Lighting
- Portable Emergency Airfield Lighting Systems

Full range of portable equipment including runway and taxiway edge lights, approach lights, PAPIs and obstruction lights. The trailer based systems can be battery or generator powered and provide visual and NVG compatible light outputs making them suitable for use by civilian and military users.


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