The Homing Beacon Light is mounted as high up the mast, or cross arm, as possible to identify the vessel to any approaching pilot. Utilising LED light sources for low maintenance and long life, the NVIS occulting white or red signal (compliant for use with Night Vision Devices as defined in STANAG 1445 & DEFSTAN 02-587 part 3) is visible up to 3nm, subject to prevailing night time conditions. The occulting can be varied so that light exposure can be up to 3 minutes in duration. The Homing Beacon can be combined with the Mast Head Obstruction Light to provide a dual purpose fitting.

Key Features

  • Suitable for both aided (NVG) and unaided use

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Long Life LED light sources – typically 100,000 hours



Shock – MIL STD 901D Grade B

Vibration – MIL STD 167A-1

Environmental – MIL STD 810


Applicable Design & Manufacturing Standards

  • STANAG 1445

  • DEF STAN 02-587 Part 3

  • HOSTAC Vol 1 limits

  • Radar Cross Section (RCS) Requirements

  • BS EN 60439-2

  • BS EN 60947-1

  • BS EN 60529

  • DEF-STAN 05-21

  • ISO 9001