With the BG10, measurements of the bore are taken at pre-determined positions along the barrel and the values stored in its electronics unit under entered identification codes for multiple barrels.  At each position the measurement is automatically compared to pre-stored warning and rejection limits of wear; whilst a clear visual indication of the wear status is given to the operator.  The entire measuring process takes less than three minutes, typically per barrel and may be achieved with the barrel in-situ.  The system is made versatile by means of an interchangeable feeder tube, thus allowing each gauge to measure a range of barrel types from 20-60mm in diameter.

All data stored during measurement in the non-volatile System BG10 memory may be subsequently down-loaded via the integral RS232 serial port to a personal computer.  Alternatively, the data may be down-loaded directly to a portable thermal printer or viewed directly on the electronic unit's display screen.

The BG10 System is provided in a rugged carrying case affording protection, storage and ease of transportation.

Key Features

  • Repeatable Accuracy

  • In excess of 100hrs continuous use

  • Incorporates automatic Built-in test routines