UAL portable approach lights can be used to mark the approach of both runways and helipads, with the pattern of deployment set to meet the particular requirements of each application.

The generator-powered lights produce 3 levels of light intensity up to a maximum of 5000cds. For increased stability the portable approach lights can be mounted on individual base plates that are anchored to the ground. Once positioned the desired approach angle can be easily and accurately set between 2° and 8° using the UAL's inbuilt scale and spirit level.

The UAL is an integral component of the MOSKIT portable airfield lighting system and is used together with PAPIs and ORELs contained within the MOSKIT trailer to create a 1500m minimum operating strip.

Key Features

  • Generator powered
  • 3 levels of light intensity 100cds, 1000cds and 5000cds
  • Radio and manual control
  • Angle of elevation between 2° and 8°
  • Inbuilt spirit level
  • Withstands jet blast