The primary purpose of the system is to indicate Landing and Drop zones, Forward Arming Refuelling Points and can be used for covert and overt operations. The system is fully NATO codified and is in active service throughout the world.

A system consists of the following and is contained and transported in a Backpack:

  • One Remote Control Unit
  • Six Light Units
  • Six Ground Spikes (for deploying Light Units)
  • One Universal input Battery Charger
  • One Backpack which houses all the system units

The above system provide sufficient Lights for a Minimum Operating Strip (MOS) for fixed wing aircraft or marking out a NATO ‘T’ formation, typically used for rotary wing aircraft.

If a larger or more complex layout is required then any number of packs can be combined, and may be controlled from single or multiple controllers either from on the ground or from in the air.

Key Features

  • Field Deployable
  • Man portable
  • Covert and overt operations
  • Radio and manual control
  • Infrared and visible light source
  • Battery Powered
  • Universal input battery charger