In situations where the minimum runway specification provided by MOSKIT is not sufficient SALKIT contains the additional edge lighting needed to expand MOSKIT's potential by allowing:

  • Closer spacing of runway edge lights
  • Extended runways
  • The marking of taxiways and parking areas

SALKIT was designed specifically to meet a need identified by the US Marine Corps who used the system, together with MOSKIT, during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. The US Air Force used both systems in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Our case studies section gives in depth examples of how the MOSKIT portable airfield lighting system is currently being used to support airfield operations around the world.


64 x Omnidirectional edge lights - ORELs
3 x 16 way battery chargers
1 x 20 way battery charger

Key Features

  • NVG compatible
  • Self supporting system
  • Rapidly deployed
  • Instant black-out capability
  • Can be transported by air and towed by military vehicles