Metalite Aviation Lighting LED Runway Threshold End Lights (RTEL's) are designed to be located at each end of the runway to identify the runway end or threshold of a visual or instrument non-precision runway.

Ergonomically constructed to endure all weather environments, the RTEL LED is the most portable battery powered model in its class. Rapid 'drop in' charging and extensive run times cut down on management and maintenance costs, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Key Features

Unique Optical Design

Improved light efficiency and battery running time

Ergonomic and Functional Form

Robust weatherproofing for endurance and efficient LED cooling

Drop in Charging

Quick and easy handling when charging is required for re-deployment

Optional Radio Control with MESH Network Technology

Remote operation from airfield or ATC tower

Semi Permanent Fixing Base

Stainless steel fixing plates for secure fixing to hard or soft ground (optional)



CE - Compliant
Environmental - EN610000
Aviation - FAA 150/5345-46D L861E
EMC - EN610000