COREL portable runway lights can provide up to 50cds of omnidirectional white light in compliance with ICAO, CAA and FAA specifications. Easily changed lenses are available in the full range of aviation colours making CORELs suitable for use on:

  • Runway edge
  • Threshold and runway end
  • Taxiway edge
  • Helipad perimeter
  • Ground obstruction lighting

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Two 12V sealed lead acid batteries contained within the portable runway lights provide up to 16 hours continuous operation before recharge is necessary. This is then achieved either on the CALKIT™ trailer or by means of a freestanding battery charger, both of which use a simple drop in charging system. CORELs are fitted with a low voltage cut off facility that ensures the batteries cannot be damaged by being deeply discharged. As an indication of operational readiness the lights offer a visual display of both charge status and battery level by means of a tri-colour LED mounted on the upper section of the COREL.

For increased stability when deployed the portable runway lights can be mounted on individual base plates that are anchored to the ground ensuring resistance to jet blast.

Our case studies section gives examples of how the COREL is currently being used to support airport and airfield operations around the world.

Key Features

  • Battery powered
  • 16 hours light output at maximum intensity
  • Rechargeable in approximately 8 hours
  • Simple drop-in charging
  • Up to 50cds of omnidirectional light
  • Lenses available in the full range of aviation colours
  • Manual, photocell or radio control
  • Flashing or steady signal
  • LED charge level indication
  • Low voltage cut-off
  • Can withstand jet blast


  • ICAO Annex 14
  • CAA CAP 168
  • FAA AC150/5345-50
  • NATO STANAG 3534