The CALKIT LED road going trailer ensures that the system can be rapidly deployed in emergency situations, provides safe storage and easy charging of light units when not in operation and is easily transported when intended for use at more than one location.


CALKIT LED offers true 365 days a year capability. When used at maximum intensity (125cd), edge lights provide 45 hours light output (280 hours* at 50cd) before charging is necessary. Recharge is then achieved in only 8 hours ensuring operational readiness on consecutive nights.


CALKIT LED is designed and manufactured by Metalite Aviation Lighting which has been at the forefront of portable airfield lighting design for over 40 years and is now recognised as the world's leading supplier of trailer mounted systems to both civil and military customers.


For remote airstrips where main lighting is not available.
To provide lighting on alternate runways or emergency landing areas.
To supplement the main lighting system in the event of partial failure.
As the main lighting system on airfields with no permanent lighting.
To mark temporary taxiway and manoeuvring areas by day and night.
To show the limits of obstructions and areas under repair by day and by night.
Humanitarian Aid Missions

* 125cd light on med intensity (50cd) will produce 132 hours output, the dedicated 50cd light will produce 280 hours output – ask our sales team for further information.

Key Features

  • 66 light units
  • Simple, drop-in charging
  • Fast recharge times
  • Road going trailer
  • Optional remote control facility, approach lights and PAPIs