CALKIT™ is a battery powered portable runway lighting system designed specifically for airport or airfield use. It meets relevant international aviation standards and is suitable for use with both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

The 66 portable runway lights contained in CALKIT™ can be deployed in less than 20 minutes and offer a minimum of 16 hours light output before recharge is necessary. The CALKIT™ trailer has a simple drop-in charging system which allows fast loading and unloading of the portable runway lights before and after the charging process which takes only 8 hours.


CALKIT™ is a versatile lighting system used within many different market sectors. Its uses can be divided into three categories:

1. At International and Domestic airports to support normal airside operations

The COREL portable runway light contained within the CALKIT™ trailer has easily changed lenses which are available in the full range of aviation colours. This allows the runway lights to be used for a wide range of airport applications including the temporary closing of taxiways, the marking of areas of obstruction such as engineering work or parked aircraft, during refurbishment work and on displaced thresholds. The CALKIT™ portable runway lighting system can also be used to mark infrequently used alternate runways or emergency landing areas.

2. As an emergency back up to fixed runway lighting systems at International and Domestic Airports

Portable runway lights and portable taxiway lights can be rapidly deployed from the CALKIT™ trailer in emergency situations arising from the failure of all or part of a fixed runway lighting system.

3. To establish local airstrips or helicopter landing zones to allow 24-hour operations in remote locations

This includes temporary and emergency use by Relief Agencies, NGOs and military organisations in support of humanitarian aid missions, disaster relief missions and peacekeeping campaigns.
Mineral extraction and exploration companies use CALKIT™ to allow round the clock logistical support or emergency medical evacuations from airstrips at remote sites.

Our case studies section gives in depth examples of how the CALKIT™ portable runway lighting system is currently being used to support airport and airfield operations around the world.

Key Features

  • Contains up to 66 COREL portable runway lights
  • Offers 16 hours light output at maximum intensity (longer at lower or intermittent output)
  • Rechargeable in approximately 8 hours
  • Simple drop in charging system
  • Trailer mounted for quick deployment in less than 20 minutes
  • Optional radio control, portable approach lights and portable PAPIs